Fears To Face


Kayley Gaines knew werewolves existed all her life, for she lived with one. All her life, she had stayed far away from them, knowing the horrors of their lives. Her mom was enough to deal with each month. But then she meets Rayne, a good-looking, scary but also broken guy. Can she let go of her lifetime vow, just because Rayne plays with her emotions? Or will she keep herself save from what she feared her whole life?

∞ Chapter 1 ∞


~ Kayley ~

It was a sunny day when I got out of bed. Exactly the kind of spring day I was hoping for. The winter had been cold and long and seemed to last forever, but with streams of sunlight coming through my red curtains I woke up with a smile on my face.

Mom was probably working already and I figured dad was out of the house too. So I slowly wandered to the bathroom where I got dressed and went downstairs. There I found a note on the kitchen sink from my mom.



First, good morning!

It’s such a sunny day! I hope you love it as much as I do. I wanted to ask you if you would like to go to the store for me. I’m not going to be home before the shops are closed and I need flour, sugar and butter for the cake we will bake tomorrow.

You will find the recipe left from this note, I am sure you will find it.

Thanks honey,

Love, your mom


I rolled my eyes, smiling. It was such a typical thing for my mother to forget about little things like ingredients for a cake we would bake and send me off to get them. Though I didn’t mind to buy them. I liked to wander through the town centre and look into the show window’s whether they had something special to offer or not and since it was Saturday I didn’t have to go to school. So, what was there to do otherwise?

A pleasant sound came from the living room. I peeked through the kitchen door and saw the back of my brothers black-haired head on the couch. He was playing guitar. “Woke up early, huh?” I said, walking in his direction and wrapping my arms around his neck, “Doesn’t happen often.”

“Yeah well, I had to practice for the rehearsals and… Wait, that’s not true. I wake up early all the time,” he said indignant.

“I know, just kidding,” I laughed, kissed him on his cheek, let go of his neck and walked to the couch where he sat on and sat down next to him. “Mom’s out already?”

“Yeah, she said it she had a lot of work to do, because she wasn’t there last week.”

“Aahh…” There was it again. We never seemed to be able to not think about my mother’s ‘problem’ for a long time and since it happened ten days ago, it was still fresh in our minds, well, my mind anyway.

“It’s not her fault you now,” Sam said, noticing my mood change.

“I know, but that doesn’t make it any easier.” I stood up and walked back to the kitchen. “Oh Sam, did you have breakfast already? I can make you some if you like?”

I heard Sam laugh in the living room, then the couch sighed and within ten seconds he stood in the doorway. “I’ve had breakfast already, but thanks for the offer.” I looked back at him and he smiled. His smile always made a smile appear on my face too, so I smiled back. We had a special bond which I truly loved. We were closer than most siblings I knew, but I didn’t want to have it any other way.

“Will you have a busy day today? With the rehearsals and all?” I took a bread out the drawer and dumped it on the kitchen sink.

Sam worked with his lips. “I’m not sure. It depends on how fast Trevor will be able to get the lyrics run along with the melody.” He sighed. Trevor was loved in the band my brother was in, but he had some trouble to get to work when it was needed sometimes. I took milk and butter from the fridge and slammed the door shut. I felt eyes on my back, so I turned to Sam. I looked up at him. His tight black skinny jeans, spiky belt, black band-shirt and his long thick black hair, the thin ends resting on his shoulders while the first locks got shorter each, surrounding the sides of his smiling face with thick strays of hair and covered one of his eyes with a long lock.

I liked his appearance, it was a part of him, but his way of dressing was not appreciated by everyone. Next to his band members he never had many friends and some people looked at him in a disapproving way when he passed them. It’s stupid how people judge you for what you’re wearing. Well, that’s how I thought about it anyway. No one knew how good Sam was on the inside. Luckily he learned to deal with it through the years. It didn’t hurt him as much as it did in the past anymore.

“Do you see something interesting?” I asked and I couldn’t help smiling either.

“Is it a crime to look at my little sister?” he teased, cocking his eyebrow.

I groaned. “I’m just two years younger than you, remember?”

Sam laughed hard, opened a cupboard and took a glass. “It’s funny how you always react the same way when I say that.”

I turned back to my bread, sulking. “You remind me of it too often.” He laughed. I took a deep breath and waved away my small irritation. “Anyway, what I wanted to ask you, mom asked me to buy the supplies for the cake tomorrow. In for going with me?” I asked, walking past him with my breakfast I and taking a seat on the kitchen table.

“Uhm… I still have to practice with the guys.”

“I know, but that won’t take all day, will it?”

Sam’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He slid it out and read his text. “Yeah, it will… sorry sis. Trevor just texted me that he’s delayed. He slept in, but he will come as soon as he can, so he wants me to get over to Greg’s already.”

“Not fair.” I sulked. Sam stood up from the kitchen table, went to the hallway and put his coat on. “When will you be home?” I asked, not expecting a useful answer.

“Dunno, I’ll make sure I’ll be back for dinner.”

“It’s eleven in the morning! Don’t say you’re going to leave me all alone all day,” I pleaded, knowing it was useless.

He peeked his head through the doorway one more time. “Sorry, didn’t mean to, love ya, bye.” His head disappeared and the front door opened and closed and then it was just me.

“Great,” I mumbled as I washed my plate. I grabbed the recipe and walked to the hallway to get my coat. I wasn’t going to spend a sunny day like this within these four walls and since I couldn’t call Gwyn or Mallory to spend some time together, I would go alone.




It seemed like the warmth of spring made everyone gather downtown. The square was filled with people with bags talking to each other, laughing or having a little fight between a mother and a four-year-old, because she wanted an ice-cream, but her mother had spent too much money already. Across the street there was an outdoor café completely filled. I went to the supermarket and the music store and some others stores.

With my head up to the clear blue sky I walked past a musician playing accordion and woman standing next to him sang. I was done so I was on my way back to my bike. I quickened my pace, content smile on my face, enjoying the sun and the people when out of nothing I bumped into someone.

I looked up, taking in the muscular chest, board shoulders in a black leather jacket. Whoever I had walked in to was tall. I had to bend my neck to be able to see his lightly tanned face. He had a sharp jawline, full pink lips, brown hair that was sided to the left by the wind at front and dark-brown eyebrows. As I looked into his eyes with thick lashes my breath stopped. I could feel the colour leave my face, I wanted stop it, but I couldn’t.

All the people that walked around me till three seconds ago seemed to disappear.

Every sound faded away.

I couldn’t think straight. I stumbled backward, snapped my head down so I looked straight ahead and away from his eyes. I tried to fix my expression, but I wasn’t sure if it was successful.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled and paced around him. All I wanted was to get away from the slightly orange grey eyes and his muscular body. I hurried to my bike with a fast, steady pace that I hoped he wouldn’t take in as me running away and unlocked my bike. I didn’t dare to look back at him, fearing he would still look at me. I fiercely hoped I didn’t made him suspicious by my fast take off, but I couldn’t check because that would make him suspicious.




∞ Chapter 2 ∞


~ Rayne ~

The look in her eyes made me shiver.

The girl in front of me went from calm and happy-looking to frightened or even terrified. That’s how I knew. My eye colour wasn’t strong enough after ten days to be able to frighten people, they probably wouldn’t even notice when they wouldn’t pay enough attention.

It only took her half a second to figure it out, though. She knew things. I was completely sure of it and that made me incredibly curious. I had waited years for this; more knowledge on what I was. But apart from the look in her eyes, her soft pink cheeks going white, her heart racing, I couldn’t take my eyes of her. Her waist-long auburn hair that danced in the wind and shone in the sunlight, making even it brighter red than it really was, her large blue-grey eyes, her small nose, her strawberry face, her great legs in the tight navy coloured skinny jeans. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

And she was desperately trying to get away from me as fast as she could.

Why was she so terrified? I never saw her before. I didn’t do anything wrong, in my view anyway, but still, there she was; stumbling with her bike in attempt to get away. She finally got on her bike and cycled away. She never turned around to look at me again.

If I hadn’t been so mesmerized by her looks, I would have called her back. But by the time I snapped out of my spell, she was a hundred yards away. After a fight in my head for a minute, curiosity won and I jumped on my bike as well. I couldn’t let her go off like that, I wanted to know what happened in that half second between our touch and her looking in my eyes. Next to that, I wanted to see that beautiful pleased smile again just before she had seen me.

So, I followed her back to her home. I knew it was reckless, stupid, suspicious and creepy, but I also knew I wasn’t going to get her beautiful face out of my head if I walked away now either, so what choice did I have?

Keeping my distance, we drove through town. I didn’t want her to know that I was following her. That would make her even more afraid, for a good reason this time. After ten minutes she slowed down. I had cycled into a neat neighbourhood with alone standing houses. Most homes had a little porch at the front. There were trees about every four meters or so and parking placed across the street. I smelled the sea. The breaking waves on the shore and the smell of salt water. That meant that the ocean was close, maybe two miles farther, maybe closer. She stopped in front of a large, white house, not gigantic though. It had a little porch like the rest and on the first floor red curtains hung to the side of the window.  She dumped her bike against a fence and went inside.

I found a little bench about eleven yards from her house and sat down. She couldn’t see me here unless she would push her face up against the window. And I doubted that she would do that, so I was save here. I waited and frequently looked in the direction of her house, but she didn’t came out again. I must admit it even felt creepy for me to watch someone like this, but that didn’t stop me.




∞ Chapter 3 ∞


~ Kayley ~

I watched TV, tried to make homework, I even made cupcakes to get my mind off him. Nothing helped. He kept appearing in my view; his muscular body underneath a navy blue T-shirt, his face blocking the sun from mine, his big orange-grey eyes.

Those eyes never left me alone. I was probably going to be home alone till five o’clock and I wasn’t sure if I was able to calm myself down in time in our bright white, but also shadowy living room. I knew Gwyn was busy and I promised her I wouldn’t interrupt, but I needed distraction.

I didn’t even know why I was still freaking out about it, to be honest. I got away, it was definitely possible I would never see him again, so why was it so hard to get him of my mind? I sat down on our couch one more time. His sudden appearance made me think back to just over a week ago. It had been full moon. We had seen it coming, I checked the moon twice a week to know how fast it would come, the last week mostly every single night. Sam didn’t seem to struggle with my mother’s  ‘family problem’ as much as I did. I didn’t know why.

Every full moon, my mom would turn into a werewolf for one night till the sun rose again. If that would have been everything, I wouldn’t have been so scared. I wish that was it, but no. She went from loving, careful mother to the complete opposite. Her wolf instincts were building up two days before the full moon. First she would become crabby. Her crankiness would turn into something stronger and more aggressive. Slowly the wolf poison would let her loving character disappear and it would make place for real wolf instincts: she would keep her distance from humans,  be aggressive, violent and uncontrollable. She was almost unrecognizable the last day before she turned. She snarled at us all day, didn’t want you closer to her than one yard and if something didn’t go her way, she would start breaking things. Her eyes were glowing orange these two days.

Dad would leave her alone these days. He knew her well enough to know what he could do and what not. With the full moon, she would turn at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, but she was in the basement under the shed at eight already. After dinner, Dad would go in there and make sure she was as calm as she could possibly get and then he would carefully and slowly put the special more strong handcuffs around her wrists and ankles and would lock the door, three times, as he went out.

He would go back the following morning after sunrise and carry her limp body back in the house into her bed. She slept the whole day and when the evening sun slowly set, she woke up, ate a four-person meal on her own and dragged herself back upstairs to sleep until the following morning. She didn’t say a word to us the first day, but she wasn’t awake much of it either. On the second one she was herself and had her own brown eyes again, with the slightest shade of orange in it.

That’s how I recognized what he was. With his own grey eyes it was easier to see the orange flowing in them, although it just had been full moon. With his eyes the memories of my mother’s last turn came back to me, something I tried to avoid at all times.

Suddenly, I knew what I needed. There was one place in this world where I always was able to clear my mind; the beach. With the fresh, salty wind coming from the ocean and the birds flying in the air. I grabbed my jacket and a blanket and took our back door. Walking was way easier since the beach was close to our home. I couldn’t help to peer into our backyard before I opened the door and I felt stupid for doing so immediately. I crossed the yard and within ten minutes I passed the first sand dune where I found a path down to the beach. There was only a small part of the coast where you could actually come by the water without having to throw yourself off a cliff here. I was so lucky to have one of the very few parts right behind our house. As soon as the first salty breeze hit my face, I could feel my body relax. A small smile appeared on my face and I let out a deep breath. I spread out my red blanket close by the water and sat down.

It could have been hours or minutes sitting there, gazing to the sea, earphones in my ears, listening to my music. I realized all of sudden that it had been hours. The sun was setting. I got up, shook the sand from my blanket, folded it and headed to the sand hills. As I passed them the sun disappeared behind a little cloud so suddenly twilight set in.

A couple of streets from our home, I saw a shadow following me. My heartbeat fastened when I realized it was quiet in the streets. The shadow grew longer in front of me with every step I took. I didn’t know whether it was because the sun set lower or the person behind me closed in on me. I prayed that it was the first. I quickened my pace, but as I did, the person behind me did too. I should turn around, ask if he or she wanted something from me. That was mostly how I reacted, but with the event of this morning still in my mind and my weird overreacting to that event, I got cold feet. After another ten steps I couldn’t take it anymore. That build up my courage enough to peek over my shoulder. My breath stopped.

It was him.

I froze. With the red sunlight coming from behind him, sharpening the outlines of his body, he was so handsome. Now there was more distance between us I saw he had a small Mohawk I hadn’t seen this morning. Flutters appeared in my stomach at his good looks, but it only lasted two seconds, then I realized what happened; he followed me.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out so I closed it again. I couldn’t turn around, I was nailed to the ground. I tried to think of something to say, just anything, but my mind was completely blank. He was the first one who spoke, his voice calm and steady, he said, “Hi.” A nervous little smile appeared on his face. “I know this probably is weird. I’ll be honest, this is no coincidence.”  He waited for a response I couldn’t give for another minute. He looked down at his feet, lifted his head and looked apologetically at me, then he smiled again. “I have to say it, your hair is so beautiful in this red sunlight, it’s amazing.”

That took me by surprise. He gave me a compliment while there was no way I was giving him a friendly gaze. I relaxed the tiniest, but although he tried to be nice, I couldn’t forget that he was a creep for following me and I wasn’t sure if it made it worse that he admitted it or not. Apart from his words I constantly saw his face in front of me turn into a wolf face and I couldn’t fight that image well. I managed a little smile and said, “Thank you, I guess.”

He seemed happier with my response then I thought he would. “Listen, our meeting this morning was strange. You were terrified when you looked up at me. I – I wanted to know why.”

I couldn’t take his blunt honesty any longer and I still didn’t want anything to do with him, so I slowly turned away from him. I tried to sound uninterested as I said, “Yeah well, I didn’t expect to walk into someone like that. There was no need to follow me for something so unimportant as an weird meeting, happens all the time. Bye.” I took a step backward and turned around, walking away from him.

He wasn’t about to let me go that easily. I called names inside my head for reacting so stupid this morning. If I had just reacted normal, like everyone else would, he never would have followed me. He caught up with me and stopped in front of me, blocking my way. “Don’t leave that fast. Wait, I’m being rude.” He just figured that out? After a whole day of following me, he finally managed to figure out he was rude? Wow, he really was a fast thinker, wasn’t he…

He extended his hand in front of me, waiting for me to take it. I didn’t want to take it, but I hoped he would leave me alone when I did things his way, so I tentatively took his hand. “I’m Rayne McCoy. May I know your name?” His sudden formality made me say mine.

“I’m Kayley. Kayley Gaines.” I let go of his hand as soon as he gave me the chance. I couldn’t believe I just told him my name; it made me flush. “Listen, I really have to go. My parents are waiting for me,” I said as I turned around.

“How are you so sure about that? They weren’t home when you left.”

I had my back to him already when he said that. I gasped inwardly. I couldn’t think; he knew where I lived. Walking away was useless when he knew where he could find me. This was a disaster.

“Leave me alone. What do you want from me?” I asked him firm, my hands turning into fists, not turning around.

Again, he paced around me to look at my face. He looked into my eyes as he said, “Why are you afraid of me? You don’t have to be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”

I couldn’t keep up my poker face any longer, if I had had a poker face at all. I snorted. “You won’t hurt me? How in the world could you be sure about that? No one knows who he’s going to hurt or not. Just leave me alone!” My voice broke in the end although it had been strong in the beginning.

“I didn’t intend to upset you, I’m sorry. I just…” He looked away into the trees and bit his lip. Okay, why did that look so good? I shoved the thought away immediately. I glanced around, I was so close to our home…  “Okay, come with me,” he suddenly said, grabbing my arm tight, though it didn’t hurt. I wasn’t going anywhere with him, no matter how often he would say “I’m sorry.” I tried to stay put, but he was stronger and pulled me with him.

“Let go off me. Let go off me!” I yelled.

He stopped, looked down at me and locked his free hand in his brown hair, but it only stuck there for a second. “You want to know what I want from you, right?” I nodded slightly, not sure where this was going. “Then let me explain.” He started walking again.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked, hating how full with fear my voice was. My worst nightmare was coming true. Isn’t this what always happened in those movies were the girl ended up dead? He would drag me somewhere extremely quiet, with no other people around and he could do anything with me he wanted. I didn’t want to think about what, but every minute I spend with him, made me think I wasn’t going to see my family ever again. I tried to get out his grip, but he was too strong. We arrived at a little alley with an old, large building on my left and a new, yet also giant building on my right. Why was he taking me here? This only seemed to prove my fears. I felt my heartbeat pick up.

He pushed my back against the wall and lowered his head until he could look straight into my eyes. He had put his hands on the wall on both sides of my face to be able to get his head on my eye level. This was way too close. He was so tall he was all around me. There was no way out. I knew my fear would only make things worse for me, but I couldn’t help the ragged breath coming through my nose. When he spoke his voice was soft, honest and calm again. “Calm down, you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack. I won’t hurt you.” He paused, my heart continued pounding. “Listen, I know you know something. Don’t try to deny it, it won’t work,” he said with the same soft tone.

My heart skipped a beat, but with his calm voice, somehow, my breathing calmed too. What was I supposed to say now? I tried to avoid looking in his eyes when I talked. “What makes you think I want to talk to you about it?”

His hands  turned into loose firsts as I spoke and then relaxed again. “I knew it.”

“You’re really sure of yourself aren’t you?” I snapped at his face before I knew it. His overwhelming presence and his way of approach made me annoyed.

“Is that why you’re afraid of me?” he asked.

Avoiding his eyes, I mumbled, “I’m not afraid of you.” Though I never was a good liar, especially not when someone was four inches away from my face and peering into my eyes. He figured that out quite fast. He laughed and finally put some place between the two of us so I could breathe again.

When he talked again, he wasn’t looking at me, his smile was gone and his voice sounded somewhat baffled. “I’ve never met someone before who knew.” He looked at me again when he said, “Will you give me another chance, please? I want to know more. Will you please meet with me again, in a café or something. It doesn’t matter where, but please don’t turn away before you gave me a chance.” His voice was full with fear and hope at the same time.

Now it was my turn to put my hand in my hair. I didn’t know what to say. “I don’t know a lot either,” I mumbled. His eyes grew desperate and he looked so lonely it made my stomach twist uncomfortably. I wanted to turn away and leave, but I just couldn’t. Even though it was completely against everything I always vowed to myself, I couldn’t make myself tell him to leave me alone. God, I’m crazy. I took a deep breath. “All right, we’ll meet again, but I don’t know if I have any useful information for you. Don’t be mad when I can’t help you.”

His eyes turned from deep sadness to the biggest happy puppy eyes I had ever seen. He put both hands in his hair this time and looked so incredibly relieved. “Are… are you serious? You’re not saying that so I will let you leave and never appear again?”

Even if I had planned to do that, I wouldn’t have been able to deny and do it after he said that. “No, I didn’t say it go get away. I promise we will meet again. I can’t meet tomorrow though, but Monday after school if that’s possible for you?” What was I doing? I still was afraid of him, but being under the eyes of lots of people would help.

“Where do you want to meet?” he asked, his eyes still shining with relief.

“Where we met this morning. We will see where to go from there,” I said. Chewing on my lip, I added, “I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I really do have to go now, my parents will be home in a half hour and I have to cook.”

He blinked and came back into the present, his eyes looking into mine again. “Right, yeah, of course. So I’ll see you Monday afternoon then?”

“Yes, you will. Bye… Rayne.” I left him there in that alley.

My head went through the conversation over and over again as I crossed the last streets before I ended up in our backyard again. The change in his eyes had made me change my mind. I never intended to meet him again, I didn’t want to see him again, but when he was almost begging me on his knees not to abandon him, something inside me broke. I felt for him, although I didn’t trust him and still was afraid of him too. He could be intensively sweet now, but in three weeks, he would be the same monster as my mother was those last days. One supernatural creature in my life was enough to deal with.

All the lights were off in our house and as I walked inside, I turned it on in the kitchen and in the living room. I had taken a bunch of potatoes  with me from the shed and dumped them on the kitchen table. Within a couple of minutes I heard a key turn in the front door and Sam came in with his guitar on his back, his mouth grim. I looked at him as he came through the doorway. “Don’t start, I’ve had enough for today already,” Sam said.

“That bad?” I asked, concern growing. He looked sombre, if not worse. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. Don’t feel pressured,” I added. He eased up a bit, still sombre though. I continued cooking as he fell down on the couch and watched television.

At 17.15 pm mom walked in and I heard a flop as she let her bag fall to the ground from what sounded like a yard high. “Hi mom, how was your day? You were off early.”

“I know. Uhm Kayley, did you find my note?”

“Yeah, I did and yes of course I have the supplies. There in the cupboard.” As my mother walked through the kitchen I pointed out in what cupboard exactly. “No, one further left. Yeah, there. Now open it and there they are. Did I get the right butter? I wasn’t sure if this is the same as we use normally, because they changed the wrapping.”

She realized then what I was doing. “Oh honey, are you cooking for us? That’s so sweet and it is the right butter indeed.” She came over to me and hugged me. “You always know exactly what I need after a long day work.” She buried her face in my neck for a moment and she looked up again. “Ah, your dad is home  too.”

I served dinner and we ate in silence. Dad had had a nice day off with his colleagues. His work organized an amusing event once a half year and this time he had spent the day on the water in a canoe. He deserved a day off like that, for everything he got through once a month, every month. After dinner Sam and I got upstairs to make some homework in my room. He still was down, while he normally was cheered up all the time. He couldn’t concentrate himself and I couldn’t either, so we stopped soon after we started. I got to bed early, I was tired and I just wasn’t in the mood to go downstairs to watch some kind of television show that included nail-biting games. No movies were on tonight anyway.

When I woke up after I slept for a while, or at least I thought I had slept, I heard my mother talking to my dad in the bathroom. “Honey, I know what I smelled. You know I can recognise it.”

“It could have been something else.”

“No, it wasn’t something else. I recognize that scent out of anything and you know it. Kayley was around a werewolf today and it wasn’t me.” My eyes shot open.

She knew. That’s why she laid her head in my neck. She smelled something was off and she had to make sure it was me, but how was that possible? I hadn’t noticed a different smell on him when the wind blew my way.

Even in my dreams he came back to me. His long legs in a blue jeans, his muscular torso in a navy T-shirt, his body surrounded by red sunlight coming from behind his back. His face lit by bright yellow sunlight or by dark, strong red sunlight, his enormous begging grey eyes and a wolf with yellow eyes staring aggressively into mine.

When I woke up the images were still haunting me and lines of our conversation were strangled with them. I couldn’t get them off my mind and after two hours of struggling with my head, I stopped trying. Monday I would meet him again and I desperately hoped seeing him in normal daylight and with the little things I knew of him now, would help me to free myself of my thoughts of him.

I vowed to myself years ago that I would never get myself involved with someone of my mother’s kind in my life, because I knew the consequences of her curse too well, and now here I was; I had agreed to meet with this Rayne again, because I felt sorry for him. Was it really that hard to keep the one promise I made to myself? I would tell him some things I knew and I would friendly make sure he understood he had to leave me alone after that.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I would do.




∞ Chapter 4 ∞


~ Rayne ~

It felt like the weekend had lasted forever, while it only had been a night and a day. I would meet Kayley this afternoon again and I couldn’t wait. I knew it was stupid to rely on this conversation so much. Kayley didn’t trust me at all and if I could trust my instinct, she didn’t want anything to do with me. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand. I was a complete stranger, coming into her life out of nothing, following her all day long waiting for a chance to speak with her. It was naïve to think she would be eager to help me, but I had been alone for so long. With nobody around to talk to once in a while. But there she was. This beautiful girl, who knew about the curse, who could help me understand more about it, who could make an end to my lonely and quiet life, if I could earn her trust so she wouldn’t turn away after all.

When I was young, I never hated silence and being alone, I even liked being on my own at some moments; music on, singing along, not caring about how I looked when I was running, pacing or jamming around of what had been our small, yet cosy living room. In the house I broke down on the first full moon I spent as a wolf.

That was over two years ago now. Back then I had everything I wanted; a life, dreams, friends and family.

Now the silence was killing me. I didn’t see my family and friends anymore, I had to break my bond with them for their safety. Not that they were so sad about it after I broke them mentally and the house literally. So left my hometown soon after my parents made sure they didn’t want me in their lives anymore. I had been alone after that, and two and half years of being on my own had even been too much for me. I needed some sound on the background now, always. I went crazy without it. I was lucky that both of my neighbours had little children who would scream and yell at seven that they didn’t want to go to bed already when they were playing outside or when they didn’t got what they wanted.

Thinking about my parents made me think of what Kayley had said about hers. She needed to make dinner for them. That meant she still had a good bond with her parents. I was wondering who she knew that was a werewolf. She didn’t seemed broken, only terrified when I was close. I would find out this afternoon. I looked at the clock.

No, I would find out within one and a half hour.



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