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The Silent Waters by Brittainy Cherry

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Our lives are a collection of moments. Some utterly painful and full of yesterday’s hurts. Some beautifully hopeful and full of tomorrow’s promises.

I’ve had many moments in my lifetime, moments that changed me, challenged me. Moments that scared me and engulfed me. However, the biggest ones—the most heartbreaking and breathtaking ones—all included him.

I was ten years old when I lost my voice. A piece of me was stolen away, and the only person who could truly hear my silence was Brooks Griffin. He was the light during my dark days, the promise of tomorrow, until tragedy found him. Tragedy that eventually drowned him in a sea of memories.

This is the story of a boy and girl who loved each other, but didn’t love themselves. A story of life and death. Of love and broken promises.

Of moments.

(Book Three in the Elements Series. Complete Standalone.)

My thoughts

Let’s start off with, yes, I know I plunged into this series with the third book. I’m aware, but don’t worry, I did it knowing each book could be read as a standalone.

Then. Where do I start? I feel like I’ve known these characters for a whole lifetime. Just wow. In a way this book was not what I expected, yet it another way it totally was. It’s a moving story of a girl who lost her voice at an early age, and fights half a lifetime to find it back. It’s a story of bravery, haunting demons and a love that’s worth fighting for. It’s a story of friendship, the bonds between family members and chasing dreams. It’s a story of moments. Moments that change who we are. Moments that heal us and break us. Yet in the end, will we let them define us?

There was so much to this story that I can say something about. It’s not just the deeply emotional story of the two main characters. Their family and friends have their own journeys of life that get their chance to tell pieces every now and then. I loved how loud the voice was that they got.

Having finished, I’d say that the book is NA, but a big part of it is also YA, even though the characters deal with mature problems. Oh lord, I’m making so much sense. Not. Anyway, that’s kind of what this book made me feel though.

Through the book I kind of had mixed feelings. Where some of the events and amount of events realistic?
No, probably not, but let’s not forget it’s called fiction for a reason. 😉

Was it the most well written book I have ever read?
No. It wasn’t close to the descriptionness (is that a word?) like The Problem With Forever for example, but because of that, the story had a good pace to it and it wasn’t dragging at all.

Will it give you feels all over?
OH my God yes!

Will it leave you falling and feeling for these two beautiful and strong people?
Yes, yes, yes!! And not only the two main characters either. Their close and loved ones have their own struggles and lessons in life and they’re an important part of the whole story.

Now that I finished, I can say with certainty that this is truly a beautiful and deeply moving story and I definitely recommend reading it. Brooks will make you swoon and want to cry and throw a book at him and hug him. Maggie will leave you breathless and motivated to never stop fighting until you find your voice, because you will. And the note from the author in the back? CHILLS. SERIOUSLY. That was beautiful and so so moving.

Also, I’m really curious about the other books in de series now.

* I used the cover from Goodreads