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5.5 stars Too Late


Sloan will go through hell and back for her little brother. And she does, every single night.

Forced to remain in a relationship with the dangerous and corrupt Asa Jackson, Sloan will do whatever it takes to make sure her brother has what he needs.

Nothing will get in her way.

Nothing except Carter.

Sloan is the only good thing to ever happen to Asa. He knows this and he never plans on letting her go; even if she doesn’t approve of his lifestyle. But despite Sloan’s disapproval, Asa knows what it takes to get what he wants. He knows what he needs to do to remain on top.

Nothing will get in his way.

Nothing except Carter.


My thoughts

It has been forever. I know, I know. Sorry :s

I’ve been busy and I’m close to finishing Grayson’s Vow now, so expect me to return soon, but this came in between. And not just anything!

Colleen Hoover put a free story on Wattpad. For free.

Yes, you read that right. She did!!


Now, because with Wattpad, you have to wait for each update, I read this book in many parts and over a long span of time. Which is why, at first, I didn’t put much thought to reviewing it. But now that I finished, now that I finally came around to read the prologue that’s at the very end of the book(yes, it’s really at the end), I can’t not at least say something.

What started as a project for fun, evolved into something incredibly serious. Yes, this book is very different from Colleen’s other books. No, it is not the most realistic book from Colleen out there. Yes, it is a little over the top. Yes, it is unedited. But that doesn’t make the ultimate theme and soulbreaking life lesson any less important. Or any less fun to read.

I have to admit that I seriously loved this book. I loved Sloan, I loved Carter and I hated Asa with everything I had. I’m pretty sure I had as much fun reading this as Colleen had writing it. Why? Because I felt the fun she had. It was in between the sentences. It hung in the electric air between the characters. It wasn’t until quite a few chapters in that the serious subject became clear and it honestly wasn’t until the prologue that it truly hit me.

Which is why I really want to make clear that I seriously, seriously had fun reading this and I couldn’t wait for the next update every single time and I want everyone to read it because of that. Sloan is awesome. She’s strong and brave and kind and holy hell, I admire everything about her. Carter is well… Droolworthy and adorable and sweet and handsome sexy and compassionate and I could go on for a while. :3 I’m not gonna start about Asa, because I’ll have my heart beating wild in hatred once again and I’ll spare you that. You have to experience him for yourself. 😉

The prologue though, that hit me hard. It broke my heart because I know this happens more than people realize and I got Sloan’s reaction so well. And that’s exactly why it hit me right in the face. Because, I can see myself react the same way in the same situation and that terrifies me. I would have the same thoughts. Make the same realizations. Convince myself of the same things. I don’t want to, and of course you never know for sure, but shit my thoughts were aligned with hers and that is everything but okay.

Well. If all of this hasn’t send you running yet, all I can say is, read Too Late. It’s from Colleen Hoover. It’s free. It’s hilarious. It’s seriously awesome. It’s highly recommended by me(and many others I’m sure). Did I mention it’s free? And from Colleen Hoover? And that I loved every little single thing about it? I laughed so hard so many times with this book. Tears of laughter included.

So please, please, please, read this! I’d pay for this book even if it hadn’t been for free. But it is! So what in the world are you waiting for? It might not be completely clear from all of the above, but I fangirled like crazy over this book. I (friendly) forced several bookbuddies to read this. Repeatedly. (I’m such a great friend xD )

So, if I convinced you – and I really hoped I did – and you’re not sure where to find it, I am more than happy to give you the link!  >> https://www.wattpad.com/story/54616251-too-late