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Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire

5 starsJamieMcGuireBeautifulBurn


Fresh out of college, Ellison Edson has fallen through the cracks of rock bottom. While staying in her family’s vacation home in Colorado, her behavior has finally gained the attention of her parents—but not in the way she hoped. Cut off from the millions she’s always taken for granted, and left alone to fend for herself, Ellie spirals further out of control, making a mistake she can’t take back.

Like his twin brother Taylor, Tyler Maddox is a member of the Alpine Hotshots, fighting wildland fires on the frontline. As arrogant as he is charming, Tyler’s nomadic lifestyle makes it easy to contain his relationships to one night. When he meets Ellie at a local party during off-season, her extreme personality and dismissive attitude fascinates him at first, but as his feelings deepen, Tyler realizes that the crippling inner demons of the woman he loves might be the strongest enemy any Maddox has ever faced.


My thoughts

First, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS COVER??? HOLY SHIT! Just wow! So breathtaking!! Just take a moment to fully take in this stunning piece of art. I love every single thing about this cover!! It’s so beautiful it’s a waste that I only see the spine of it on my shelves.

Beautiful Burn is the 4th – and last *sniff* – book in the Maddox Brothers series where we get to know all about Tyler and Ellie. This book is an emotional, engaging and bumpy rollercoaster ride. To the max. Or should I say to the bottom?

Ellie is not who I expected to be at all. We’ve had peeks of her in Beautiful Sacrifice and for a long time while reading Beautiful Burn, I had a feeling she was a completely different person. Not in a negative way, just different. Inside though, she’s a strong, beautiful person who has no problem at being independent when it comes down to it. Her demons are just stronger at times. And she has quite a few. Ellie’s demons are fierce and choking and have such a strong hold on her that they drag her down to rock bottom and beyond. Her parents cut her off in the hopes of waking her up, but Ellie only spirals down more, every mistake making her fall deeper, broken and alone. She tries so hard, with success, but right when she thinks she’s got her life back on track, the claws tighten right back around her neck, pulling her down again.


“It wasn’t so surprising that I had fucked up, but that I had ruined something for myself that I loved. That thought led me to Tyler, and I knew I was ruining that, too. There was a dark part of me that just couldn’t let myself be happy, and sabotaged anything good before I could lose it.”


Tyler is intrigued by Ellie’s attitude and outstanding personality, not used to getting a no, and not accepting it. But when Tyler’s feelings start to deepen and the true meaning of Ellie’s demons float to the surface, he might be the one left to drown. Tyler is willing to go all the way to help her, even if he might not make it out alive himself, but what if Ellie’s demons are stronger than love? And once everything starts falling apart, it will spread with the speed of wildfire.

There were many times when I wanted to shake Ellie until she found her senses and woke up to what she was doing, but on the other hand, I got her. The further I came into the book, the better I understood where she came from and why she acted the way she did. She was struggling so hard with her own mind and my heart broke for her.

That didn’t make it any better for Tyler though. God, my heart squeezed so often for him. He did everything in his power to be what she needed, or do what she needed. To help her and show her she could be better. The Maddox genes are easy to see from the very start, and they never wandered, no matter how many times Ellie pushed him away.


“Maybe it’s not perfect, but I’ll love walking through hell with you just the same.”


I can’t believe this is the last Maddox Brother book already. L I’m gonna miss these brothers and their intense loving. Their protectiveness and charms. Their dimpled smiles and oozing sexiness. The caretaking and wicked smiles. Their swoonworthy tattooed bodies and warm brown eyes. The Maddox family is a family standing on its own and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love every single second of reading about their lives. I fell head over heels for Travis, and the rest followed suit. This is one of those series you don’t want to say goodbye to, but sadly enough, there isn’t another brother left. All I can do now is thank Jamie McGuire for these brothers and be thankful I got to be a part of their lives for a while. These boys rock, Jamie. 😀


***********WARNING SPOILERS***********

Something I really have to say is how amazingly Jamie described Ellie’s demons. The different phases of becoming an alcoholic, how one night with too many drinks and wrong decisions can cause the downwards spiral to pick up right where you left off and plummet faster than ever before. It shows exactly what being an alcoholic does to you and how much hurt you cause your loved ones.

Tyler truly has the patience of the world, showing how far his selflessness is willing to go to help the woman he loves. And praise him, because he went down deep for Ellie. He never left her side. He loved her through everything, never giving her up.

* I used the cover from Goodreads