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Yes, yes, I’m two days late,  I know, but I still want to wish everyone all the best for 2016 and do a tiny look-back on the books I’ve read in 2015.

I’ve read many lovely books last year and many that were beyond awesome and some that were just outright bloody AMAZING, though I wish I could say I’d been able to read more books than I did. Nevertheless, I’ve fallen in love so hard with the books I did read, that the numbers don’t really matter.

So let’s go back to January 2015, where my book-year began oh-s0 amazing with the sequel I had been hoping for ever since I read the last page of Pushing The Limits; Breaking The Rules by the wonderful Katie McGarry.  Oh, this was exactly the story I had hoped for Noah and Echo. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending for these two. :3

Then the mystery of Never Never began. Or should I say outright insane-making obsession of a co-book by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher? With exactly 3 weeks and 3 days until the 3th and last installment, I can only say that my obsession with this series is  no where near done yet. I NEED TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS, OKAY?

There were several releases in the Rosemary Beach series, to be exact, 3 this year and two in the last month of 2014 that I read in 2015 and I can only express love for this series. It’s the longest series I’ve ever read and the guys are so immensely panty-dropping hot it is just unbelievable. My favourite of all 5? That would be The Best Goodbye without a doubt. I love Mase Manning, but River Captain Kipling totally won me over. I love that guy! :3

Talking about needing-a-fan and beautiful guys, we got to see inside two more Maddox Brothers!! And the last installment, Beautiful Burn, is coming WITHIN A MONTH!! CAN’T WAIT!

There was heartbreak too. Major heartbreak. I still can’t put into words what Me Before You did to me, and I possibly never will. The book-hangover I got after I finished this was so bad I couldn’t even bring myself to start a new book for days and that’s something that never happened to me before. Ever.

The heartbreak continued on with the beautiful masterpiece by Colleen Hoover, Confess. I adored this book. I yelled OMG so often I lost count and I completely, utterly melted into a puddle by the end. If you’ve read any review I did on a book by Colleen Hoover you know that I love every single letter this woman puts on paper. She’s an author that makes me grabby and needy and uncaring about even really reading the blurb because I know it’s going to be epic and a emotional rollercoaster anyway.

A series that released two books as well, was Wait For You with Fall With Me and Forever With You by J. Lynn. This is also a series I loved from the start. Oh, how I loved Roxy and Reece’ cuteness and Step and Nick suspense. Especially the last couple was one I had not expected and was very positively suprized by.

Oh, how I loved Sweet. It was hot and sad and so, so sweet. Together with Colleen, Tammara Webber are my top favourite authors. Tammara lured me into the darkness with the brooding and broken Landon Lucas Maxfield, and I kept coming back for more ever since. Boyce and Pearl’s story was one I loved from the start and there was nothing left but to fall for them. And I heard 2016 will be the year of her next spin-off in the Contours Of The Heart series, and I can only say that I CANNOT wait for this already! I’m SO excited!!

And from the beach we go into the dark, adventurous realities of living in a motorcycle club family. Yes, I’m talking about Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry. She is also an author I have very high on my favourite list, and I have to admit that I was sad when I heard she was taking distance from the Pushing The Limits series. Until I read Nowhere But Here, that is. Because HOLY CRAP, I love this new series!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on Walk The Edge, coming in March, because this motorcycle family is something else, people.

Sinner! Oh, yes Sinner! I’d been waiting forever to read the 4th installment of the Wolves Of Mercy Falls series, since it was already published in 2014. The problem was, I REALLY wanted a paperback copy, and that meant I had to wait an entire year before I could dive back to the sinful world of our favourite werewolf; Cole St. Claire. And what a tornado it was!! Cole definitely stole my heart all over again and I am forever grateful for this ending to these two characters that blew new life into my temporarily forgotten reading addiction 4 years ago.

And then there was Kyland. Mia Sheridan has a way of writing heartbreaking love stories that stay with me long after I finished. I still haven’t come around to reading her other books, even though they’re already waiting on my kobo for me to start. Only praise for how this woman creates her stories, people. Only praise and respect.

And that’s something I also feel whenever I even just think about Colleen Hoover. I love her just as much as an author than as her as a person. November 9 was so amazing that I can’t put it into words. Ben James Kessler is so perfectly flawed it got hot under Dean Holder’s feet for a moment there. My god, I fell so hard for Ben it was almost scary. November 9, together with Confess, were the books I rated the highest last year, so that should tell you something.

We’re ending the list with Two Boys Kissing, my first LGBT book by a bestselling author, and I can already tell you with certainty it won’t be my last. I can’t explain it, but I like reading about gay couples. If that makes me weird, so be it. There’s a certain power and sweetness to these kind of love stories that straight love stories don’t have. Maybe it’s because their love isn’t as self-evident. Maybe it’s because I go to goo when guys show their sensitive side because I’m not used to those guys in real life. I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of happiness when a gay couple find their other half and stand for their love.

I’m currently reading Kaleidoscope Hearts, so hopefully you will see a review coming up soon from that, but I read too slow to be able to add it to my 2015 list. All in all, I can look back on a very successful reading year.

I just got an awesome idea! Make a top 5 of my highest rated books of 2015! Okay, here it comes!!

1.      November 9 and Confess by Colleen Hoover, on a shared first spot with a 5.9
3.      Breaking The Rules by Katie McGarry and Kyland by Mia Sheridan also on a shared spot with a 5.7
5. Again it’s a shared spot! Both with a 5.6; Never Never and Never Never Part 2 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher


Beside my lovely babies, there is more to this post. You hadn’t expected that, huh? To to honest, the biggest part was definitely about books, so you were partly right 😉

I’ve given up New Years reservations years ago when I realized those turn into nothing anyway, so you won’t get those from me. The thing is, they mostly are the same as the year before (which proves that you haven’t accomplished them in the past year) and you’ve probably long forgotten about them halfway during February, if not sooner. Instead of thinking about the things I want to accomplish, it’s way more useful to actually start. So I’ve been up in the attic performing this bridge routine I read about that did wonders for both your butt, legs and lessens the chance of pain in your back… And now I feel like I’ve run a marathon up a mountain about 10 minutes after I finished with 1 round out of the full routine of three…

So yeah. I don’t really want to know what my legs will feel like tomorrow and even less the day after, but-but-but I started, again, and that counts for something. I hope.

Now if I could just keep the motivation to keep doing it until I can finally say I have the weight, and body, that I’ve had in mind ever since I started with (trying to) lose weight since I was about 14…

This year I’ll do it, though. I will.