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Forever With You by J. Lynn

5 stars JLynnForeverWithYou


In the irresistibly sexy series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout, two free spirits find their lives changed by a one-night stand…

Some things you just believe in, even if you’ve never experienced them. For Stephanie, that list includes love. It’s out there. Somewhere. Eventually. Meanwhile she’s got her job at the mixed martial arts training center and hot flings with gorgeous, temporary guys like Nick. Then a secret brings them closer, opening Steph’s eyes to a future she never knew she wanted—until tragedy rips it away.

Nick’s self-assured surface shields a past no one needs to know about. His mind-blowing connection with Steph changes all that. As fast as he’s knocking down the walls that have kept him commitment-free, she’s building them up again, determined to keep the hurt—and Nick—out. But he can’t walk away. Not when she’s the only one who’s ever made him wish for forever…

My thoughts

So when I found out Stephanie got her own story, and that it was with Nick, my first thought was;  ‘Okayyyy…’ I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or didn’t. We know both of these characters from earlier books in this series and that these two were put together for ‘their’ story was something I wouldn’t have expected at first. At least, that was until they story began. As I dived in, I loved every second.

This is the fifth book in the Wait For You series, so you know what that means. It’s not a series in the sense of two characters filling up 5 books(each books displays the story of two different characters), but the characters from the previous books play a big role in this one, so I strongly advice reading those first if you plan on getting the full experience of this series – if you wonder, yes, that is totally worth it, I fell hard for all of these guys.  Which is exactly the reason why I found this couple interesting. Us who have started with Wait For You – and I hope that is everyone – have already formed a certain view on Stephanie way before this book even existed ( I did, anyway) and now we get to see her from a totally different view, yet not.

Stephanie likes her life just the way it is; new job, new town and hot one-night-stands with drool-worthy guys to pass the time. And Nick? Nick is one excellent candidate. Love? Love is out there. Somewhere. Eventually she hopes to find it, but she’s content with her love life – or lack thereof – as it is.

Nick is all dark, hot and mysterious. That drew me to him in Fall With Me already and that was not different now, at all. But as the secret between him and Steph brings them closer, puzzle pieces start falling into place and oh my, I love every single thing that’s underneath. This guy! He is exactly who I hoped he would be and more. His caring nature, sense of responsibility, tenderness and absolute steaminess is very alluring combination with his guarded dark side and sexy flirtations. He’s cocky and gentle, panty-dropping hot and modest, all oh-la-la smile and my-insides-turned-to-goo sweet.

Needless to say, I totally fell head over heels for this couple. And double-toppled for Nick. (Sorry, Steph 😉 )

Yet tragedy has a way of crashing in in the least expected moments, unbalancing the fate and future of two people who barely even got a chance to bloom. Nick knows what he wants, what he needs, but uncertainties and hurt crash into Stephanie who for the first time in her life, feels out of place. To push the pain away, Nick has to be locked out as well, but will Nick let her now that he finally knows what it feels like to wish for a forever?

I loved Forever With You. Loved the characters, their backgrounds and personalities. Loved the huge role the previous characters from this series played. It all fit and – sue me – but I have no problem getting an extra peek or two at the lives of any of the characters in this series. 😉 Steph and Nick face a reality that’s common in our everyday life, yet… I have never seen like this in books before. It’s real and beautiful and sad, and I found it refreshing to dive into this topic so deep.

All in all, I can only recommend Forever With  You. I love J. Lynn’s writing style. It’s easy going and engaging, making you want to devour every page until you’re finished. I love how she lets her characters speak and grow throughout the story.

Now, I don’t know if you heard, but I just read that there will be a sixth book  in this series. And it’s about a character we first met in Fall With Me. Hint? Hmm… Well, tall, strong and muscled. 😉

********** WARNING; SPOILERS **********

Oh, I love Nick! When he was mentioned in Stay With Me, he attracted my attention. Then the news came that he was gonna get his own story. Big time SQUEEL! And then I started this book. OH. MY. I wanted to hug him so hard!! How he reacted to the news of Steph being pregnant. How immediately, that caring side swelled up and he took full responsibility of taking care of Steph, how he stayed right there by Steph’s side even after she send him away. How he put everything aside to take care of his grandfather and how haunted he was by a past he was never responsible for. Can I continue? I could. Without a single problem. 😉

And then there’s Stephanie, who I – to be honest – wasn’t all that enthusiastic about knowing her as ‘Cam’s sex fling.’ I know that’s biased. And not fair to her – I’m sorry, don’t hit me. Does it make it better when I say that within less than a chapter into the book, I completely lost that view of her? I hope so, because I all kinds of love that woman now. She’s not who I expected her to be at all. She’s confident and knows what she wants, but isn’t that a great thing? It is! Because beside that, she’s not conceited at all. She’s sweet and strong and caring and fun.  And the past? Well, she’s totally right when she said it’s not like the girls were dating the boys when it happened and she never meant to ruin any relationship.

To be honest, I hope the series won’t end after Brock gets to tell his story. I hope that we’ll see more of Katie. I just love that woman. You can’t lay a finger on her, she’s straight to the point and crazy in the best sense of the word. I can’t get enough of her and the more I read about her, the more I want to know more.