So you all know I LOVE Tammara Webber to the end of the world. Lucas is my major book crush and he stole not just a piece but a whole chunk of my heart. And yes, I willingly gave it over.

I big-time squealed and did a happy dance when the news came that there would be a third book in ‘The Contours Of The Heart’ series. Sweet has been released, and I’ve actually started reading it this afternoon – I’m already sucked in and I haven’t even finished the first chapter – and now Tammara mentioned she did an interview over at Lili’s Reflections together with an international giveaway.

I totally teared up at the interview. It’s so sweet. :3 So if you’re a fan of Tammara like me, check it out, because it’s one super awesome interview. – And then there’s the chance of winning a signed copie of Sweet. Though, to be honest, the interview alone is enough to head over there, if you ask me.