You guyzzzzzz!!! Have you seen this? Nick Bateman is into the Ugly Love project, people!! =D

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Just a few days ago, Nick Bateman revealed to fans that he was, at the very least, thinking about working on the film adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s book Ugly Love with an Instagram of him holding the book accompanying the caption, “New Project for 2015?” followed by a movie emoji.


Hoover later confirmed that the picture was not a ploy on her blog saying, “Well, I’m happy to say it’s NOT a joke. That’s really Nick Bateman and he’s really holding a copy of Ugly Love. And I’m just as excited as you guys!”

Colleen Hoover - IF List Facebook post Author Colleen Hoover calling fans to support on The IF List back in October

Over 700 fans have supported Ugly Love to become a film on The IF List. Bateman was not only the author’s choice to play the main character of the book, Miles Archer, but as the numbers show on The IF List, also the…

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