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One More Chance by Abbi Glines

 5.5 starsAbbiGlines-OneMoreChance


Grant Carter did everything in his power to convince Harlow Manning that he was a good guy. More than a smooth-talker and someone she could trust. He had to overcome his reputation as a playboy, and his history with Harlow’s half-sister, Nan, a woman with a reputation of her own.

Harlow had taken the chance, falling hard and fast for the guy who thrilled her with his all-consuming desire. After a lifetime of avoiding bad boys like Grant, she had opened herself to the possibilities of love…

But a life-changing secret has torn them apart, and now Grant and Harlow must decide if they have enough fight to make it work – or if the pain of betrayal has permanently destroyed their future.

My thoughts

I had high hopes of this book after how Take A Chance ended, and I have to say that Abbi made good on that. Very, thoroughly, 200 per cent good on that. I absolutely loved this book and I can say with certainty that Grant and Harlow are my favorite couple in the Rosemary beach series (although Rush and Blaire are a VERY close second)

One More Chance had me sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation, heart-wrenching pain, excitement, terror and enjoyment the whole time. It had all the things I love in a book. I laughed and I swooned and I wanted to yell and then cheer and then crawl into a corner in denial. I loved how the steaminess that is so like Abbi made its appearance here too. It would feel weird if it wouldn’t be a part of one of her books. It also made me cry.(And you know how rare that is for me by now.) So yes, I can assure you that this is an emotional rollercoaster you don’t want to miss.

Harlow is trying to live with the fact that all her secrets are out in the open, hiding from the media and trying her hardest to ignore the world, who wants to know all about her since the news came out. In the meantime, Harlow has a new secret, one that only three people know about, and Grant is not one of them.

She took a chance and fell hard for Grant, but everything is different now. She knows what she wants, but that might just very well be impossible.

Grant has regretted his decision the second he made it and has been trying to get in touch ever since. What he doesn’t know is that Harlow has her reasons, and it’s not what he thinks. This time when he is faced with his deepest fears, will he make the same mistake? Will he man-up and deal? Or run away and never look back?

Recommendation scale, if you love any of Abbi’s other books; 100%. I’ve read both the whole Rosemary Beach series and the Existence trilogy and I absolutely love her writing style.

If you don’t know any of her books then this is a perfect reason to change that. (Although I would highly recommend to read Take A Chance first. Or do it thoroughly; start with the first book in the Rosemary Beach series – Fallen Too Far – and be a part of the epic journeys of all these great people.)


****************** WARNING: SPOILER ALERT ****************

I mean it, if you haven’t read the book or any of the Rosemary beach books and you plan on reading them, DO NOT continue. I don’t want to ruin the whole series for you. This is just me getting all the feels out.


So scroll back up if the above applies to you.


I’m serious. Last chance.



I’d read the teasers Abbi posted through the week before the release, so I knew what this book was going to be about and I have to say that I did not expect the first twist at all. I wondered how she would keep it interesting, knowing Rush and Blaire’s story. Well… I figured out that pretty soon, because this was nearly the complete opposite of Rush and Blaire’s adventure. Seriously. Because this was a heart-breaking story alright.

So then I got my hands on my pretty paperback, having unlimited access to this book that’d had me waiting ever since I finished Take A Chance. And I took advantage of it. Lately, every book I read took me like 2 weeks to finish, One More Chance took me 5 days. Yes, I know that there are people who read a full length novel in 2 hours, but I am a seriously slow reader. (I hate it, too, because at this rate I’m never gonna be able to read all the books on my to-be-read list. OKAY, back to the review…) What I kinda wanted to show with this, was that I was VERY excited to be reading this book.

The funny part was, for some reason I’d never seen Grant as the dad type at all, more as the sweetest, best sugar-uncle in the world, (although that might have been because of Nate) but seeing his reaction to the ultrasound and everything had me melted in a big puddle on the ground. I swear could he have gotten any more perfect and sweet and adorable and the best?

Speaking of Nate, his big daddy had me falling for him all over again in the appearances he made. I truly have renewed respect for Rush after One More Chance, especially how he handled everything close before the ending.

And an turn-every-page-on-the-edge-of-my-seat-with-a-racing-heart-and-wide-eyes it was near the end! Holy crap, it scared the shit out of me.

This book had me absolutely terrified. Those letters were just too much feels, seriously. (If you want to know, yes, it was the last letter of Harlow to Lila Kate that had me bawling) At that point I really had to just put the book down, take a deep breath, walk a couple of circles to calm back down, and then continue. I nearly lost my mind during those pages, I kept yelling in my head, ‘I just need to know if she made it! Fuck!’

What Nan did was… the most unexpected thing ever. I have to admit that when the doctor said they needed a blood transfusion, Nan would be a very good candidate, but I had never expected her to go and step up herself.

What makes me think of something else I did not expect, but absolutely loved; the point of view changes near the end. I think it is definitely a big fat plus to have the opportunity to see in these people’s head, even if it was only for a moment. Because WOW, these they intense!  It adds a new level of depth to the other characters.

There was one thing that got me thinking, though. In almost every book in the Rosemary Beach series(except for Fallen Too Far, I think) there was a chapter written from a character that got his/her own book, a little later. Now, we already knew that Mase got his own book. Then Abbi announced the Kiro would get his own novella as a Christmas present – for the record, HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? 😀 – and now we got a sneak peak in evil-sister Nan’s head. I can’t help but wonder, does this mean she will get her own book, or was it only to show her reason of redemption?

Only the future knows… And Abbi, probably. 😉