Because Colleen is one of the most awesome authors I’ve heard about.

Colleen Hoover

This probably isn’t all that interesting to anyone but me.  But look at this picture.  Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 1.08.56 AM

We have Maybe Someday coming in at #27 on Amazon and Ugly Love coming in at #28.  There are millions of books on Amazon, and my measly eight books are a tiny, tiny percentage of that.  But to have two of my books sitting next to each other in the top 100 bestselling ebooks is almost as unlikely as me being seen at a Nickelback concert drinking a Diet Coke.  It’s insane.  

And of course I screenshotted the shit out of it, because it might never happen again.  So one of these days when I write my biography called “Because Kanye West,” I’ll have this to add to it.  

And because you guys are the ones who made this screen shot possible, I’m going to pick one winner to win both of these…

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