This is perfection people!

Colleen Hoover

I like it when good things come together.  You know what I’m talking about?  When you have something you love so much and you think it can’t get better, but then you find out it’s combining with something ELSE you love, and it gets SO much better?

Here are a few examples.

My mom is a huge Eminem fan.  My mom also loves Lil Wayne.  So when they teamed up and wrote Drop The World, she was a very happy lady.

Or if you really want your mind blown, remember that time The Avett Brothers teamed up with Mumford and Sons AND Bob Dylan during the Grammy’s a few years ago?  Yeah, that was epic.

Or if you want an example that’s more simplistic, we have Pizza and ranch dressing.  Best combo ever.  Although, my husband eats Mayonnaise on his pizza, which is probably the worst thing ever to happen to pizza.

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