I had to reblog this, because this right here is so, so beautiful it made me tear up. It’s stories like these that keep me believing in love, just like Colleen does in her books.

Colleen Hoover

Today is mine and Heath’s 14 year wedding anniversary. It got me to thinking about all of the things he’s done right to have kept me around for 14 years. 17, really, if you think about the three years we dated before we got married.

It also got me to thinking about all the men I write about in my books, and how none of them are bad-boy alpha-males. They’re all good guys, and I think I write about the good guys because I’m married to one of the good guys.

Then of course I started thinking about the perfect man, and what qualities he would possess if he were real. Then I got on here and started writing them all down.

1)   He would let me sleep in every single morning while he wakes up and dresses the children and drives them over twenty miles to school every day.

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