Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

5.5 stars

***** CONTAINS SPOILERS*****ColleenHooverMaybeSomeday

What a sit this was.

Before I started this book, I actually had a lot of expectations from everything I heard from people who had already read it and I can tell you, they all came out. Big time.

When starting a book Colleen Hoover wrote, you know you’ll be sleep deprived by the time you finish it. And I was sleep deprived alright. With work needing me more than ever AND a concert in the same week, I was exhausted by the end of it, but I knew at the same time that there was no other way because I HAD to read this book at every possible moment I could and once I started I had to force myself to stop.

The story captured me from the start. The way their innocent reactions, although at first unnoticed by the other, towards each other quickly tangled together, how their lyrics said more about how they felt than they could say and how Ridge never doubted for a second to take Sydney in. The moment I found out about Maggie, I found myself stuck between who I wanted for Ridge because Sydney and him were perfect for each other, but Ridge and Maggie were adorable together and Maggie is such an amazing person that I  didn’t want her to get hurt and that was before I knew all about her. I knew someone was gonna be hurt in the end though, and I held my breath for that person. I loved Maggie so much that, even though I absolutely LOVED the intense moments between Ridge and Sydney, I found myself holding my breath when things got hot between them for Maggie’s sake. And because I knew it would destroy Sydney to become a Tori and I didn’t want that for her because she is too good for that.

I absolutely loved how they expressed their complete honesty in the songs they wrote and how those songs came to life. It’s amazing how in sync the story and the soundtrack are and Colleen and Griffin deserve every praise they can get for that. What’s so amazing about Colleen’s writing is that she has an ability to create male characters that are incredibly perfect, yet still so, so realistic and I love her till the end of the world for that. She makes me believe that maybe not all guys are complete assholes.

Warren’s part in Maybe Someday was awesome. He’s the funny flirty type, but at the same time you know he’s not gonna make a move because of Bridgette.

My heart broke for all three of them the days after Warren’s party. The emotional havoc coursing through me was insane, yet at the same time, it was beautiful too. Because the way Colleen found a way out of the situation they were all in was amazing despite the impossibly inevitable heartache.

Their time apart was so sad but at the same time I knew they both needed it so bad because that was the only way their relationship could ever work out.

Then Ridge came with his idea of slightly shoving her in the right direction and I couldn’t stop smiling at the sweetness of his actions. The lyrics were so, so amazing. Then the concert turned out to be on march 18th and holy shit I absolutely love how Colleen worked the release date into he story.
The ending was perfect, that they both had worked hard to improve their ways of communication when they both didn’t even know whether and when Sydney would be ready to start their relationship was just so, so beautiful.