I sooo can’t wait to read this book! It is absolutely insane. Honestly. I got my signed – YES SIGNED – copy of the Maybe Someday soundtrack two days ago and the music is so freaking perfect! :3 Griffin’s voice is just so beautiful and he is such an amazing person and let’s not forget the looks. *Sighs dreamily*

BUT. The not so epic part about this is that I planned to be finished with the book I was reading last week so I could immediately start with Maybe Someday, but I still have like a hundred pages to go and it’s Tuesday evening. Ugh. Problem is that I am a freaking slow reader – something I am highly annoyed with – so I might not even finish tonight. The thing is, the book I’m reading is Be With Me by J Lynn and, my gosh this book! THE FEELS. Insane! All I want right now is to be left alone to I can read, but that’s not happening – as usual, lol. On the one hand I just want to finish this book so I can start with Maybe Someday but on the other hand I really love Jase and Teresa and it feels wrong to pressure forward just to finish it. So I’m not, but I still feel that small pressure in the back of my head. Maybe Someday is published. Everyone is enjoying what is possibly one of the best books ever written and you’re missing out on all that amazingness. 

So yeah, that’s pretty much what’s going on today. Going back to reading now 😉

Btw. Can someone tell me how I can chance my gravatar? Like, I uploaded a picture for my profile and I can see that one in the upper left corner with the tiny menu, but on my page I still have that ugly blue thing.