Woooehhie I started a blog!

So there’s a couple of things you need to know about me. I love a hundred different things, so this blog is not solemnly gonna be about books I’ve read and loved or concerts I’ve been to or thoughts I need to get out of my head; it’s gonna be about all three and probably more.

I have like, a ton of hobbies, a ton of things that I love to do so that gives me no time at all to do all the things I wanna do in a day besides my daily responsibilities at work and at home. Next to that I pretty much suck at all of it, I just love to do it anyway. I make no sense, I know. The weirdest thing is, even if no one is ever gonna read any of the weird shit I’m gonna say here, I still think I should write it, because honestly, I normally don’t say everything that’s on my mind at all. Quite the opposite. I keep it all inside, fearing that someone’s gonna think I’m stupid or weird or whatever, but I think it’s good to let it all out at some point. I couldn’t do that with people I know in real life, but here I can. Hopefully. What I’m trying to say is that I’m gonna do my best to be the most true and honest version of myself on this blog. Whether that’s a positive thing or not. Good lord, I’m already re-thinking this decision. No. I WILL do this.
Time for a subject chance.

One of the things I put my heart in is writing. I love to write, absolutely love it, but the messy part about it is that I’m not all that good at it. I want to get better, though, and I hope writing in different styles is gonna help me with that. I’ve started writing stories two years ago for fun, to have something to do and to improve my English – which was, let’s be honest, pretty sucky at that point – but the more I wrote, the more I adored the characters and wanted to write more and more. And I did. I’m frequently updating my first story on wattpad these days and although I still really enjoy reading it, I’m also cringing at a lot of sentences that just don’t click. I edit it (ALL THE TIME) but to really make that chance I’m searching for I should probably just delete whole pieces and start over, but at the same time I don’t want to do that, either.
So yeah, that’s me. Hopeless case. Anyway.
I hope you can see beyond the grammar mistakes (and all other kinds of mistakes) that I’m pretty sure are gonna be in anything I write – my English got better, A LOT, but it’s far from perfect – and that you’ll enjoy my blog.